republic with mainland in Europe and numerous oversea territories

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  •  République française 
  •  La France 
  •  Republic of France 
  •  French Republic 
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List of communes in France with over 20,000 inhabitants,000_inhabitants

Lists of communes of France

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Capital city


Clipperton Island

French and Mexico overseas possession in the North Pacific Ocean

  • Île de Clipperton 
  •  Île Clipperton 
  •  Clipperton 
  •  Île de la Passion 
  •  Passion Island 
  •  Ile de la Passion 
  •  🇨🇵 
  •  Ile de Clipperton 
  •  Ile Clipperton

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French Guiana GF

French Southern and Antarctic Lands TF

Guadeloupe GP

Martinique MQ

Mayotte YT

Réunion RE

Saint Barthélemy BL

Collectivity of Saint Martin MF

Saint Pierre and Miquelon PM

Wallis and Futuna WF